Propane Stove & Grill Combo
Propane Stove & Grill Combo

Propane Stove & Grill Combo

  • One high output 10,000 BTUs stainless steel burner.
  • One 8,000 BTUs grill burner
  • Piezo igniter for matchless lighting.
  • Polished stainless steel drip pan for easy cleaning.
  • High-Pressure/high-altitude pressure regulator included.
  • Uses 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinders (not included).
  • Includes wind screen on 3 sides.
  • 18,000 total BTUs
  • 13" x 10" grill area
  • Size: 23" L x 12.75" W x 4.3" H
  • Size: 23" L x 12.75" W x 4.3" H
  • 23" L x 12.75" W x 4.3" H

    *Weights and measures are approximations and may vary due to the manufacturing process

Take your cooking to the next level with our combination propane stove and grill! With our the high-output stainless steel burner, you'll be able to dedicate over 10,000 BTUs of cooking power to simmering a sauce or boiling water for coffee. The diffuse grill burner provides up to 8,000 BTUs to create perfect grilled steaks. Both burners feature a piezo igniter for matchless lighting. Additional great features include: A polished stainless-steel drip pan for easy cleaning. A 3-sided windscreen for reliable cooking in windy weather. An optional high-pressure regulator for high altitude use.