Deluxe Privacy Shelter
Deluxe Privacy Shelter
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Deluxe Privacy Shelter

  • Large screened windows and vents provide plenty of ventilation
  • Large zippered "D" style door for easy access
  • Made with durable 190 D nylon and patented G-3 fiberglass poles
  • Mesh storage pocket and includes a stuff bag
  • 48" L x 48" W x 84" H

    *Weights and measures are approximations and may vary due to the manufacturing process

This multi-function knife has everything you might need for your average camping trip. Made of durable rust-resistant stainless steel, you can have confidence that this will get the job done and last you awhile. Included tools: Phillips head screwdriver, cork screw, bottle opener/screwdriver, can opener, scissors, nail file, pipe cleaner, 2 ΒΌ" saw, fish scaler, leather awl, and 2" knife.