Bulk-Tank-to-Appliance Hose & Regulator
Bulk-Tank-to-Appliance Hose & Regulator
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Now: $23.99

Bulk-Tank-to-Appliance Hose & Regulator

  • Functions as an extension cord for your outdoor propane appliances
  • Designed for use with Stansport's cast iron propane stove models 208, 209, and 210
  • 11-inch WC pressure setting and 1/2 PSI output offer 75,000 BTU capacity
  • Not intended for indoor use
  • Handy five-foot Propane Hose and Regulator Assembly tube
  • 65.5" L x 2" W x 2" H

    *Weights and measures are approximations and may vary due to the manufacturing process

To connect your Stansport #208, #209, #210 cast iron burners to a 20 lb “BBQ” style propane cylinder, you’ll need a hose and adapter. Our tank-to-appliance hose includes 5” cable of cable and a built-in regulator to cast iron burners to 20 lb. propane tanks. Our type 1 fitting easily attaches easily to the latest 20 lb cylinder outlets. Better, we’ve constructed all of our fittings from solid brass for safe, leak-free connections. Happy cooking!