Deluxe Air Bed Double High
Deluxe Air Bed Double High

Deluxe Air Bed Double High

  • Made of extra heavy PVC material
  • Coil beam waffle construction
  • Plush flocked surface for comfort
  • Dual function valve which can be used for inflation or deflation
  • Electronically welded seams
  • Self-locking safety valve
  • Repair kit included
  • Maximum Inflation Dimensions: 80" x 62" x 18 ½"
  • 80" L x 62" W x 18.5" H

    *Weights and measures are approximations and may vary due to the manufacturing process

Forget a pea, you won't be able to feel a bowling ball under this comfy mattress! Our Double-High air bed is constructed of extra heavy PVC material, packed with a coil beam waffle structure for maximum support and stability. For additional comfort, the mattress is double-high, putting twice the padding between you and the ground. The entire package is carefully finished with a plush, flocked surface for the sweetest possible dreams.